• The operation of a commercial steam engine is well illustrated with this working model.
  • The extra large size unit is provided with a horizontal boiler with a whistle, a safety valve and a steam gauge.
  • The brass boiler is fitted on to a steel housing with a chimney.
  • There is an inspection window to show the water level.
  • It comes on a metal base.

It is available in two varieties:

  1. Steam engine that operates on 220V AC. 50 Hz.
  2. Steam engine where the water can be heated using dry fuel.

This is a wonderful working model that shows how the exhaust steam simply vents out into the air. This fact helps students to understand two things about steam locomotives:

  • It explains why they have to take on water at the station, since the water is constantly being lost through the steam exhaust.
  • It explains where the “choo-choo” sound comes from. When the valve opens the cylinder to release its steam exhaust, the steam escapes under a great deal of pressure and makes a “choo!” sound as it exits.


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